Social photobooths

Social Media sharing is here!

〉 Share your media on social networks such as instagram and facebook. GIFs emailed directly to you within seconds of your pictures being taken! Have fun with friends and upload to your social networks. Save them to your phone or PC. See our GIF Socialbooth in action right here


Thats right. We are offering the great booth you see to your right, from a mere £329. So whats all the fuss about with Social photo Media Booths? Well read on. We tell you more below in our great summary:

STEP 1: Show off ya stuff!

Thats right! Just get into your very best pose or poses. Then stand in front of our fantastic social media GIF Photo Booth. Oops! We nearly forgot! Don’t forget to bring along some friends …..if you wish! And of course, spend a few moments putting on some props! And then get in ya positions and SHOW OFF YA STUFF! Thats right. Show off ya stuff!

Social photobooths are excellent. So let us tell you more about the booth and the next steps:

STEP 2: Wiggle around!

Do a wiggle. Do a jiggle. Do a wiggle jiggle! Whatever that is! Well the industry evolves and so do we so who knows…..the next big thing might just be the jiggle wiggle!! So move around, pull some faces. Go on! Go for it! Its just for about 20-30 seconds! Thats all. You don’t have to wiggle it for too long! Smile, laugh, pose, pull a face, raise your hands, dance around. Whatever you choose. Just wiggle around!

STEP 3: Camera snaps away!

Social photobooths are great because they will take around 20 shots in the time you are wiggling around… in step 2! The camera is working hard (it really is working hard), in the background. Whilst you are dancing around and having fun, some of us have to work…..including me! But the camera does the really hard work. By the time you catch your breath, 20 or so camera shots full of fun will have been taken

STEP 4: Your GIF is being prepared

Caught your breath back? Well by the time you do this……which will be about 5 seconds max? Your GIF will be ready. Yes thats all it takes with socialbooths. Thats not long right? What can you really do in 5 seconds? Not a lot. But as we said in Step 3. Whilst you are having fun and catching your breath, the camera and computer are doing the work taking pictures and in this step, step 4, preparing your GIF

STEP 5: Walk to the screen…thats correct…walk to the screen and….

….type in your email address! Its that easy. Type in your email address, press send and bang! With the power of wifi, your gif is on its way to you. All you have to do next is access your email. Surely that will not take you long right? Provided of course you can get a signal!! Go to your email account on your phone and bang! There you go. Your email will have something right from us. With your GIF in your inbox. Open it and yes…….laugh! Was that really me? Yes it was!

STEP 6: Final step….Share with friends, upload to social media, save to your phone or PC

Yes this is the final step. Its self explanatory I think! Share on social media such as facebook, instagram, twitter or google+. Send to friends. Save to your phone or PC. Do whatever you wish with it. Its a great piece of work right? Created by you for you! What could be better???