Photo Booths to hire in London has never been easier. Therefore, why not hire one of our most fantastic Photo Booths from WeLoveBooths?

A quick Introduction – We have been in Photography for over 10 Years and provide a very wide range of Photo Booths and related services

Our range of booths are exceptional and we provide the latest in technology for you. Our Photo Booths are powered by Windows and also by Apple so we have a wide range of operating technology. We also engage and provide you with Green Screen, Maryoke and much more. 

Our trained team of dedicated professionals will ensure that your event is a perfect success and we will provide you with an experience you will never forget. Memories…..we will create for you pictures with the very best in memories. 

Photo Booth Hire in London near me

Enclosed Photo Booths & Mirror Booth Hire

Our range of Photo Booths are spectacular. We offer some of the finest booths in the industry. See our amazing range of booths for more details.

The booths all come with the latest technology and will be brilliant in any event. Whether it be a birthday, Corporate event, Party or promotional event. We have the package and the booth to fit for  your occasion. Why not try us today and contact us using the link below…

Photo Booth Hire in London near me

Brilliant Deals for your special day – From Just £199 !!

We have a wide range of booths for you to select from. These are the latest designed booths and they all use the best in technology to power them. The booths contain the following features, (depending on which booth you select for your event):

Green Screen which allows you to add in different unique backdrops;

Personalised and tailor made templates for your event. Whether it be a wedding, party or just a get together!;

Prints in around 10 seconds which is pretty darn fast! By the time you put your props back, the prints will be ready;

⇒ Ability for us to send you prints by soft copy so that you can keep the prints as a special memory;

Open designed Photo booths which are special and offer a classy touch which will be devoured by guests.

There are some great Photo Booth Ideas. These are fantastic for making sure that your Photo Booth event is something you will thoroughly enjoy and it will ensure there is a totally personalised event for you:

Flower Backdrops which will give you a really good opportunity to have an awesome backdrop;

Personalised Props! Why not have props with your names on? “Our Wedding Day. Jack and Sally!”;

Party Props. We have a wide range of party props which include those for Birthdays, Weddings and Parties;

Giant LOVE Signs. More about these further below. They look great!;

Backdrops and Props to suit you. Whatever you like, we can do it for you. Just feel free to contact us

Our Photo Booth Gallery contains a wide range of great pictures from prior events. The pictures cover all types of events with many different backdrops and theming. Therefore, why not have a look through some of the pictures?:

Wedding Photo Booth Backdrops look great because we incorporate your name and details on there.

Hearty Backdrop! In addition to this, you can have a love hearts theme as a backdrop;

Flower Backgrounds: Or if you prefer something else, why not have a flower based backdrop?;

White Backgrounds:  Or you could go for traditional and keep the backdrop as plain white?;

Personalise it! Whatever you like, just send it to us and we will do our best to personalise and incorporate the backdrop of your choice.


CONTACT US Today! Why not get in touch and let us really make your day? We can provide you with some great offers and deals! 

The deals will be personalised to suit you for your event. It is because you are special to us and we want to ensure every event is unique in its own way.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!


OUR EXPERIENCED TEAM will help you with all of your needs. 

We provide in addition to Photo Booth Hire in London, some great deals and offers

Our services are wide ranging and if there is something we do not have in our portfolio, (which is rare), we will ensure we can get this for you so that we can fulfill your requirements for your event


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Great Fun and enjoyment

GIF Photo Booth WeddingsOur Brilliant Oval Photo Booth will dazzle your guests. These booths contain many great features and will be sure to provide endless hours of fun for you and all of your friends and relatives and guests!

Green Screen so that you can add in any backdrop you want to your photo booth. This could be the Manhattan skyline. It could be based on your theme. Or it could be the Queen!

Instant Prints. The prints from this booth come out within 10-20 seconds. That is pretty fast! Remember those booths you go in to have your passport photo? They take 5 minutes or more. So our speed is electric and is sure to be perfect for you

Wedding LOVE Signs

LOVE Sign for weddings with flowers

Our Giant LOVE Sign always gives a brilliant option for all guests. These are usually discounted when hired with a Photo Booth. Just feel free to ask us and we will do our best to help you

GIANT LOVE SIGN. This is a great feature and extremely popular amongst all guests. The LOVE Signs are unique and really will provide a great WOW Factor for your event. They will dazzle up any dance floor

PICK YOUR LETTERS OR WORD. Fancy something different in terms of letters or a name? Why not try us today? We will be able to assist you with something totally personalised. R&J? S&T? G&T? Take your pick. We have them all

Props for your event

Selfie Mirror Party Booth hire near me

Look how much fun these children are having with our Photo Booth to hire in London and the props. The props are always personalised and we can provide you with anything you want

Personalised Props. The props are special as they help add so much fun to your photo. Imagine the photo above with no props? It just would not be the same would it?

Want something different? As with all our services, just ask us and we will do our best to give you exactly what you want. If we do not have it , we will get it if we can! We always try our best to give you the perfect package.

We have a range of external partners. Ice Cream Cart Hire. Event Management. Even tuition. Contact them today!