Children in Need 2017 Photobooth

On behalf of, and our sister company,  it was a pleasure supporting Children in Need 2017 . We provided our fantastic oval shaped Photo Booth for the event which was shown on BBC1 on Friday 17th November. If you missed the video, please see below for our part in helping to make 2017 that bit more special for some well deserving children:

Young Carers

I am in total admiration and awe at the achievements of these Young Carers for whom such a special day was organised. They set the most fantastic example of  heartfelt affection to others around them. Their age? Well I think from the day, their age ranged from around as young as 5 up to 18.

So much credit goes to the Kingston Carers Network who support these Young Carers. More details about the Network can be found here

So who do young carers look after?

Young carers could look after a mum, dad, sister , brother, grandparent or someone else who lives at home with them. The person they are looking after could have:

  1. A sensory impairment
  2. A long term illness
  3. A physical or learning disability
  4. A drug or alcohol problem
  5. Mental ill health

Impact of the Kingston Carers Network

In summary, the Kingston Carers Network provides support to the Young Carers in various ways. This can be summarised as follows:

  1. Ensuring Young Carers are not at financial hardship as a result of their caring work and efforts;
  2. Ensuring Carers are both mentally and physically well
  3. Enusring confidence and respect by treating Young Carers as equal partners
  4. Providing peer support activities to help them thrive and develop
  5. Reduce isolation by ensuring carers have the opportunity to enjoy a life outside caring

The above is only a brief insight into the Young Carers and what they do and their very important support group.


There is no way we would have missed the opportunity to support Children in Need and also give a little something back to the community

On behalf of, it was an absolute pleasure providing our Photobooth for the day and also our popcorn cart from our sister site,


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